What is Renewable Energy?

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I know that energy transforms from a form to another! How can it renew?

Green EnergyActually, people refer to renewable energy, whereas they should say alternative or "green" energy instead.
As I already explained in Energy Article, it transforms from a form to another. Energy can neither renew nor be produced. We just take it in one form and reform it to another.

Alternative forms of energy? Inaccurate term too. But, you can find that answer in the link above as well.

So what is renewable energy? It is the energy obtained from sources that seem to be endless. (That means that you can not say renewable sources of energy as well!)

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Please give me a chance to explain.
YES, there is the term renewable energy, also called green or free energy, and it refers to the energy we get from alternative sources like:
  • Sun - Solar Power
  • Wind - Wind Power
  • Earth - Geothermal Power
  • Water - Hydro Power
  • Plants & Animals - Biofuel & Biomass

Renewable Energy Sources

We have previously seen that energy transforms from a form to another and that it can not be produced.

So, how do we produce solar energy? - That is a KEY question indeed.
We do NOT produce it. This unfortunately means that sun will not last forever. Actually, it is burning itself and someday it is eventually going to turn of. But, that day is luckily far away yet.

Here is how alternative forms of energy work:

Solar Energy can be used in different ways to become useful. Water heating and air cooling, heating and ventilation are some of the most commonly used applications of Solar Thermal Power, whereas photovoltaics and parabolic troughs can be used for Electrical Generation either in huge Solar Farms or even at our homes. Solar energy history proved lots of advantages and disadvantages too but there are some facts about solar energy that will never change.

So, what about wind energy? Where do we get it from?
Wind, is generated from the sun. When sun hits the atmosphere, it heats the air, causing hot air mass to go up. As a result, the air flows produce the wind which is used to produce Wind Energy.

Magma, which lies beneath earth's surface, is still very hot. And i say still because, it is freezing day by day. So, using long pipes hidden hundreds of meters below the surface, we heat water and get the Geothermal Energy.

Hydro Power is a long story as well. We need water flow to produce energy, and we get that, either from rivers, from waves, or from the tide night by night. Well, rivers were formed after rain, which was created when sun hit the sea's surface. As a result, evaporated water, goes up and becomes clouds.

Biofuel and Biogas are created from flowers oil and animals waste. Guess what, flowers photosynthesize and animals eat grass and plants.

Please Note: Those are not alternative forms of energy. They are alternative energy sources. Just be sure you do not confuse them!

Conclusion: Everything begins from sun! or almost everything...

Earth Energy Radiation

BUT!, considering that sun will be there and bright for too long yet, we can say that those "green energy sources" will be endless.
That is the reason they are told to be renewable energy sources. However, i think that we should rather call them alternative sources of energy.

So, Why are they also called as green sources or green energy?
Well, these sources provide us energy which does not harm the environment during its production (or transformation to be more right). On the other hand, burning fossil fuels, or coal to produce energy, emits the well known greenhouse gases, which harm the environment. The products of burning, when rise up on the atmosphere, cause the greenhouse effect and the ozone layer hole. And I have neither taken the air pollution in consideration nor the oxide rain.

So, what is renewable energy going to provide us?
Actually, putting the green energy sources into action, we not only fight the destruction of the environment, but we gain free energy as well. Yes, that is one of the most heavyweight advantages of what is renewable energy so famous about. It is actually the motive for most people to use it.
Build your own DIY solar panel system here.

You only have to afford the initial costs of installation, while you have free - green energy for a lifetime. Actually, it will gain you profit as well. Lets examine that more thoroughly.
If you multiply profit * infinite = infinite profit right? You will be making money for a life, while not paying an energy company as well!!!

Isn't it GREAT?

Go GreenP.S. I hope you now fully understand what is the renewable energy about and that you are going to make the proper decisions to help saving our suffering planet. At least think about it. It's free, profit making green energy anyway!

Need more information? Click here to learn what is renewable energy latest news...

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