The most important Solar Energy Advantages Disadvantages in a list!

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While having a look at the list of Solar Energy Advantages Disadvantages below, PLEASE have in mind that when talking about solar energy production systems, we don't only refer to photovoltaics. Lots of different technologies have been developed to harvest the energy of the sun and use it in different ways. Find out how solar energy works.


Advantages of Solar Energy in General

  • Sun will never stop shining
  • Sun is free
  • Solar Energy is GREEN
  • Off grid systems can provide energy in isolated areas
  • Solar systems harvest the energy of the sun helping to cool down the planet.
  • No need of mining or transporting of the waste material
  • Direct production of hot water or electricity

Advantages of Solar Energy Panels - Photovoltaics

  • No moving parts
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Silent energy production
  • No carbon emissions
  • No need of direct sunlight
  • Your government will provide financial incentives to encourage you install a system on your roof.
For more information about solar energy panels, visit photovoltaics.


Disadvantages of Solar Energy

  • Very high initial installation costs
  • Ultra high space demand for installation (Deserts, bare land, roofs)
  • The efficiency of solar energy systems depends on the weather and the air clarity as well
  • No sunshine at night! Fortunately new technologies capture UV rays throughout the day to produce electricity at night too

P.S. As you can see yourself, solar energy advantages surmount the disadvantages. The truth is that we HAVE to use the renewable forms of energy if we want to save our planet. Sun is the master of all energy sources and it is environmentally safe as well.

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