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Definition of energy. Different Forms and Sources.
Energy is divided in a banch of forms like kinetic or electrical. We can get it from lots of sources, some of which are renewable and others are not. But what is actually the definition of energy?
What is Renewable Energy?
The conservation of energy principle says that energy can not be destroyed. So what is Renewable Energy refering to?
DIY Solar Panels
DIY solar panels and produce your own free electricity! Find out how to build your home-made solar panels for peanuts, and make your energy provider pay you for the electricity you will produce.
Sustainable Energy is the key to a Greener Future!
Sustainable energy will play the most important role in the future of our planet. It is the green way of thinking which does not force the next generation to inherit our crimes.
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Going green is simple!
Going green is as simple as walking to the local bakery. It's all about choices and the right way of thinking.
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Green It! lunches the "Green It!" program aiming to clean up the earth. Help us collect data about any dirty places, areas you think that we should plant trees there, or places of great natu
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