What is sustainable energy?

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"Sustainable Energy" is a term which should actually be "Energy Sustainability".
It describes the effort to do work (use energy) the way that it won't harm future generations. To achieve that we act in two ways.
Firstly, we try to reduce our energy consumption through energy efficiency and secondly, we manage to harm the environment as less as possible using renewable energy sources.

Thus, it is divided in two sub-categories:

  • Renewable energy
  • Use clean, green energy which does not harm the environment.

  • Energy efficiency
  • Use less energy for the same work. Don't waste energy...

Renewable Energy
Maybe, the most important environmental problem is the global warming, which derives from the greenhouse effect.

To achieve stability in globe's temperature, we need to reduce carbon dioxide emmisions. We need to STOP offsetting greenhouse gases in order to give nature some time to act and fix the damage. Yes, our ecosystem CAN heal itself.

The problem is that we do not leave it to breathe. The problem is that if we do not act now, the future condition will be irreversible.

Thus, using renewable energy, we will firstly reduce the CO2 emmisions, then we will fully stop them and afterwards, CO2 will start decreasing in quantity in the atmosphere.

Renewable, clean energy technologies do not harm the environment. They use the renewable energy sources to "produce" energy without offsetting any greenhouse gases. Thus, alternative energy helps reducing the pollution of the air, the global warming, the ice melting, the sea level rising and so on.

Energy Crisis

Energy Efficiency
Refers to new designs for cities, buildings, machines, vehicles and so on, that use energy as wisely as possible. Using energy sparingly, reduces the energy needs to do a certain job.

This results in really huge benefits:

  • Reduce greenhouse gases emissions
  • Reduce air pollution
  • Reduce the investment for energy producing stations
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Reduce the costs for importing fossil fuels

To understand the advantages that energy efficiency can provide us, it is worth to say that the International Energy Agency (IEA) thinks we can reduce global CO2 emissions by 8.2 gigatonnes by 2030. To achieve that, IEA has submitted 25 policy recommendations to the G8 for promoting energy efficiency.

Where is energy efficiency applied at? More information about energy efficiency on Sustainable Energy Ireland.

P.S. Sustainable energy is a key to a healthier planet. What we shall do is to accept and promote renewable sources and energy efficiency through every aspect of our everyday life.

Things are simple and easy. You just need to put some energy efficient light bulbs to your basket the next time you visit the supermarket, or consider a green roof to cover your house.

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