My green - residential solar energy - house

Seven years ago I've decided to install a residential solar energy system and convert my house from a usual one to a "green" house. I have to say that it was not an easy decision because I was thinking mostly the cost but seven years later I' m very satisfied about my decision.

So, the energy of my house is produced by solar panels and a wind turbine and I' m fully independent from the electricity provider of my country. In fact, some days I produce more energy than I need and I sell it to my electricity provider!
As a result, not only I am not paying any bills for electricity but i also earn money sometimes.
And I own that to my green residential solar energy system!

The conversion of the house to green was not difficult because the solar panels are fixed on the roof of the house and the wind turbine takes one squared meter of my yard. Both systems are very quiet and harmless to people and the environment.

Now i' m seriously thinking to buy a fully electric car and install a separate solar panel to charge it.


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