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by Charalambos Rossides

The Trophy!

The Trophy!

You don't have to be a member of a green group to influence people!

During this summer I decided to pick up the trash in my way during every recreational dive, and I can assure you that I dive about 4 times a week.

I use to carry 2 trash bags with me. And guess what happens, every time we dive, someone in the team will ask the second bag in order to help me clean the seabed.

What is more, everyone in the team helps when they find something that has to be disposed.

We turn every dive into an underwater cleaning project! That's fantastic, isn't it?

It is a prove on how everyone can persuade others to become greener through his/her actions and attitude.

No matter if you subscribe on a green group or not, you can be green too!

P.S. the pictures are from our last Choppel dive on 14-Aug-2010

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