Green energy is the way to save our suffering planet!
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Nowadays, everybody talks about alternative energy and the new environmental technologies. Why do they do so? What is the problem they are trying to solve? and Why do they have to solve it right now?

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Well, it's a long story, but lets keep it simple:
During the industrial revolution, when actually humans started to burn fossil fuels to move trains for example, they started to emit the well known greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. That has been happening for a long period of time and unfortunately harmed the environment in a global scale.

Factories emit harmful gasesGlobe Suffers

That resulted in two major problems:

  • Destruction of the environmental infrastructures.

  • Lag of fossil fuels.

Environment suffers from a big variety of problems, caused by the burning procedures, such as:

  • The greenhouse effect

  • The ozone layer hole

  • Global Warming

  • Ice Melting

  • Air Pollution

  • Oxide Rain

  • Many more

It is a patient who needs his medication immediately!

Lag of fossil fuels:
Unfortunately, Governments are not worried about the environmental problems. The truth is, that they are recently searching for alternative solutions because of the current energy crisis, and the one yet to come!

According to:
International Energy Outlook 2007 and the Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks:

  • Global demand for all energy sources will grow about 57% within 25 years.

  • U.S. energy demand is going to increase by 31% within 25 years.

  • By 2030, Asia will be using 56% of the global energy.

  • U.S. Electricity needs will increase by at least 40% by 2032.

  • 85% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions result from the use of fossil fuels to produce energy.

Energy Crisis If we consider that the majority of power produced today comes from fossil fuels, and the fact that they are not unlimited, everybody can see that prices are going to be rising day by day, and that the upcoming crisis will be brutal.

To solve issues like those mentioned above, scientists tend to design new technologies to use the renewable sources like the sun or the wind. They also try to keep the power consumption as low as possible creating more efficient designs.
The good news is that those technologies help us power up our houses with a lower cost per day for an infinite period of time while crude oil prices keep going higher and higher.

Renewable Energy Solutions
So, what do we do here? We just discuss the ways to bring that alternative technologies to our homes. We find out how to make nature work for us, while it does not harm neither the environment nor our pocket.

Who does "we", refer to?
Lets start with me, the author and web-master of this site:
My name is Charalambos Rossides. I was born in 1989, currently a student in National Technical University of Athens. I am studying Electrical and Computers Engineering, focusing on the design of renewable energy technologies.

I was born in Cyprus, a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. Thank God, Cyprus is extremely hot in summer, and relatively cold in winter. Thus, I was always looking for the best solutions to isolate my house, and the ways I could take advantage of that disturbing sun. So, here i am, I am studying to transform my hobbie and make it my job, and I am also trying to share it with everyone else...

And who is everybody else? Who does "us", refer to...
You may not have imagined that yet, but it is YOU! I expect that you are going to tell me your concerns about everything comes in your mind while surfing our site. I am pretty sure that, just the time you will be reading each of the articles listed in the sitemap, an idea or a question will suddenly hit your mind. PLEASE, feel free to share it with us. Put your own pieces on our global puzzle and spread the knowledge.

Eventually, this is the purpose of OUR SITE, isn't it?

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